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Premium Car Care Products for Unparalled Performance in your Detailing Tasks!

Our complete collection of Professional Detailing Supplies are a great way to get everything you need to complete your auto detailing at home, work or commercially with our DEPTH Professional Detailing Products, Tools and Accessories.  We recommend all of our premium products to give you the best performance that is unparalleled in the detailing business. We guarantee your satisfaction!  A new patent pending product is coming soon!

Whether you are a passionate owner of an exotic automobile, love cleaning your own car or you have a commercial detailing business, these products are for YOU!  Click below on "Shop DEPTH Online Store" to shop our online store to get the best professional liquids, tools, applicators, microfibers, mitts, cannons and accessories that you can buy! 

Our products have been vigorously tested by our detail experts because we use them every day at our local businesses Platinum Detail & Shine and Platinum Ceramic Center in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  "We Make It Shine!"  Visit us often for special sales and discounts! Check out our astounding product demonstrations on social media!

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