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Professional Ceramic Coatings done by hand in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Platinum Ceramic Center is the only Certified Liquid Armour Installation facility in our entire area.  Our ceramic coating creates a durable clear protection, resistant to chemical and UV damage, a hydrophobic barrier which protects against corrosion, oxidation and extreme heat, plus increased value on your investment!  Our self-healing ceramic coating also offers light scratch healing that can virtually disappear before your eyes! 

We offer 3 levels of Liquid Armour 9H Ceramic Coatings and 3 levels of Liquid Armour ONE :1 Self-Healing Ceramic Coating to choose from.  Each level includes our professional detail service: a luxurious foam hand wash, decontamination treatment, clay bar treatment and paint correction, if necessary all within our 5,500 square foot facility.   We get your vehicle's paint as perfect as possible, then our certified technicians hand apply the ceramic coating of your choice inch-by-inch, one layer at a time!  Our most popular package is our Platinum Level Lifetime Liquid Armour 9H Ceramic Coating that includes a transferrable warranty FOR LIFE! 

We offer Add-Ons such as Interior, Wheels and Glass plus we offer regular maintenance appointments at a deeply discounted price in order to inspect your ceramic coating regularly to ensure optimal performance. 

Our unwavering commitment, professional expertise and passion allows us to exceed your expectations!  Call us today for your FREE Consultation! 

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